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With a foot hold of more than a decade long experience in international student recruitment activities, UAN brings out the best in class technology to automate the recruitment of qualified students, for its subscribed consultants, educators and language schools across the globe. Marooned by more than 1000 educators with highest ratings scaled by the global standards, UAN brings out an agent network of more than 8000 consultants spread across 123 countries. The sales and promotional engine wired into the system, enables an automated business and promotional activities for all our patrons, while ensuring transparency and business enhancements to the core. A packaged personalized approach is what defines our services and technology to all our patrons, ensuring 100% target achievements through an optimum mix of traditional and modern techniques backed by customizable applications.

What is UAN ?

A unique platform that serves the students with a motive to reward the best in class education, by delivering a virtual point of convergence for the prime business consultants, top notch educators and service providers, willing to shell out any degree of updates to serve each other to any extent possible, is what defines UAN at its best. It's a completely automated tool that leaves no room for human errors when it comes to recruitment of students, agents and educators, while processing their independent business that delivers results.

Why UAN ?

In a market governed by options for better services, even for those seeking and providing education, the demands for better value additions never diminishes. The only way by which this can be achieved without the burden of traditional recruitment methodologies, is to create an optimum online platform for such a huge network of people to meet and share their requirement, with the best customizable options and connect with complete transparency in real time any where across the globe. Such a platform is likely to work with a mix of online and offline strategies to give the best results for the patrons in all fronts. That is why the student recruitment industry essentially needs the technology, experience and back up delivered by UAN.

Who can use UAN?

UAN is a multi functional platform that can be used by any aspiring recruiter or a student who wants to pursue a path to success with education as a learning experience or for the former as a business. Education Consultants: For contracting with the universities and recruiting qualified students. Educators:For contracting with the agents and students directly. Students: For scouting through different courses and universities spread across the globe to choose the perfect career path and Service providers: For delivering the best support services like travel, accommodation, banking, insurance etc for students, agents and educators.

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This is typically a win-win situation for all parties involved in the education vertical that can use a set platform of educators, students, agent networks and service providers globally to expand and flourish in ease, measuring their degree of success with various features they adopt via UAN in each phase of their growth. UAN provides such a platform where in people discovers abundant opportunities within education services to excel and expand.

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With UAN, the agents gets a unique opportunity to perform at their best capacity and be empanelled with a wide set of universities expanding their product line and offerings. Similarly the students gets a lot of options and filters based on their taste and preferences, backed with proper guidance and mentoring to pave the right path they need for a better future. Now all that daunting tasks of attending education fairs, processing applications, tracking, travelling and promotional tactics has all become a type and click activity for all the education patrons while working with UAN.

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