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A certain mix of services that in cooperates both the features of an offline and online business model, is what makes UAN stand out as a portal service from all the global student recruitment activities that are prevalent in the industry. It's a wide range of services that encompasses the growth and prosperity of all its patrons and partners. For student it's an all in one pack education product portfolio with after sales services anywhere across the globe. For the consultants it's technically an automated recruitment and business expansion model which enables them to manage and monitor their resources to the best. For educators, we provide them an automated recruitment process via our agents and direct links. All this through advanced software’s and ERP solutions.

Personalised Services

UAN is a set network of more than 10000 agents and 200 universities backed by a technology developed from more than 13 years of experience in the global student recruitment industry. This is sure to deliver a smooth flow of recruitment operation from top to bottom.UAN gives its personalized services to the universities, education institutions upon requests. It also serves the universities with provisions that enable them to set up new branches or admission offices across the globe. For the universities, the quality of the agents and students are always ensured through a detailed profiling and proficiency testing modules.


The broad umbrella of various educators, language schools and institutions spread across the globe can now ease off with personalized recruitment solutions provided by UAN. Under this mode of services, the institutions will be open to a set of customized features to maximize the institutional target results. This involves provisioning the institution with the essential back up and resources to start new admission offices, training the counselors and monitoring as well.

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The personalized services for agents also incorporates a set of customizable options ranging from setting up new branches or managing the existing one's via hiring and training resources. UAN also assists the consultants in giving trainings for various products they wish to push into the markets with their USP's, that can help them achieve the targets they need. The personalized services also offer customizable campaigns and offering for the agents to promote their business globally through a mix of traditional and modern techniques.

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A complete online package that serves the students with umpteen options and filters that can guide them to the right educator they need any where around the globe. A platter with more than 8000 agents and 200 educators backed by service providers to serve the candidates with essential post admission services. All this services ensures that right from the moment of first intro with the candidate, followed by counseling and guidance, the student can get all the admission process through a virtual panel and that too on time. As a student this can highly help you save more resources and enhance your level of satisfaction through our services.

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Service Providers

We highly regard the fact that student recruitment doesn't just end with admissions. The actual conversion happens when the student physically gets to the destination and this is where our service providers come to play. UAN serves a scalable platform with automating software's that process and promote their business among the agents, students and educators. They are highly customizable and can fit into any standard that a service provider needs. UAN always strives the hardest through its automated services to create a win-win situation for all its service providers and patrons.

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