Agent Certification

At UAN, we believe that quality is what drives the business to success. For the same, we intend to enrich our agent fraternity with a fully geared, certified, reliable and highly professional business network. This kind of service orientation can be imparted only by consistent quality checks, analysis, cross verification, testing, dedicated knowledge sharing programs and trainings intending to mould a normal agent into a fully charged professional recruitment unit. This helps the pool of university and newly registering students, to see through your profile and seek your services frequently.

Attributes contributing to the agent qualification:

 Size of the Company: The number of employees or counselors with your agency or consultancy doesn't make a real difference in the services you render to your institutional partners and students. Any consultant with a legal and moral obligation to serve their valid clients in the best way possible will always be appreciated by UAN. Such an agent, with UAN, will have full access to our services and privileges.

 Global Education: As a student consultant, the major share of your responsibilities will be with relevance to global student education recruitment. As long as this is your agenda to survive in the global education industry, you are very well qualified to be a partner with UAN.

 Any Range of academics: As an agent you should be equipped to recruit students for any level of academics, ranging from higher education programs, short-term courses, language courses, post graduation courses, graduation courses etc. As long as you and your counselors, as a consultant comprehend the same, you are qualified to empanel with UAN.

 Prior Experience: For UAN, a year of experience is just a number. We believe in quality of service and success of all our patrons. Being a consultant, as long as you are new or old in the industry, if you are inspired and motivated to deliver the best in class education services from the best of the universities across the globe and has a zeal to increase your commissions, you are way more than qualified.

 Local Registration: A consultant with a local registration from their native countries will always have an advantage with UAN under the purview of the students and the educational institutions. We recommend that as a standard for any consultant or agents working with us.

 Office space: We recommend all our consultant s or agents to have physical offices, with proper mailing address. Most of the recruitment activities and empanelment of agents with universities will be virtual when you work with UAN, but as a professional network of consultants and for various business accolades for being our consultant we consider this as a standard our patrons can look up to.

Different kinds of Agents with UAN:

 Registered Agents: Those agents who registered with UAN with their company name and details are deemed to be a Registered UAN agent. They will be able to access the list of universities and service providers with the UA network. But they might not exactly enjoy the business benefits and recognitions enjoyed by other verified, certified or trained agents.

  Verified Agents: : Consultants or agents who have subscribed to UAN under any plan and has been verified by the UAN system via email and telephonic communications as per their reference. The benefits of being a subscribed and verified agent includes, better featuring in the global agent listing with UAN. This will give the agents coverage of more than 8000 universities that UA network works with. This also tends to give them better rating among the agency ranking. Such agencies will also tend to pop up during the student search quiet often.

  Trained Agents: Agencies or consultants who go through the virtual training programs based on the specific curriculum prepared by UAN are called as the trained agents. Such consultants will be requested to participate in a small online interview or a test based on a set of questionnaires published to them in advance. The questionnaires comprises of specific details of the agency functioning, processes with relevance to the workshops, fairs, recruitments and branch expansions, in accordance with the international standards upheld by UAN. Another criteria that the agents essentially need to follow is the fact that , they necessarily have to attend a UAN workshop in any part of the world. Once the agents clear through such an interviews, test and has attended a workshop with UAN, they are designated, badged and certified as a trained agent. Such trained agents would always enjoy more visibility, better leads, invitational preferences to various agent workshops and education fairs, better listing in student and agent searches and listing in UAN pages as a trained agent partner.

  Certified Agents: With UAN to become a certified agent, they need to follow through with these conditions:

  • Only a trained agent can become a certified agent
  • The Agency should have attended at least two workshops and one FAM trip
  • The agency should have successfully completed the agent proficiency program and must have passed it tests.
  • The agent shouldn't be black listed or have any bad reputations with their clients in the history.

Process of obtaining UAN Certification:

  • Fill in the certification application form
  • Schedule and attend the online interview with the UAN panel member, who will be a renowned or an eminent personality from a university or educational institution across the globe. They may be subject to lot of valuable industry related questions and tests. This can be answered based on the agent;s knowledge or experience and agent proficiency program
  • Apply for your privileged agent certification
  • Agent's key counselors or the directors should attend the essential agent training and workshop conducted by UAN in the near future

Additional benefits of Agent Certification:

 Such certification to the agents will be publicized by UAN in their newsletters very often to the universities, educational institutions, other agents and students.
 Free UAN CRM.
 Targeted banner ads
 Priority on leads.
 Access to all special events.
 Introduction and recommendations to any UAN institutional clients.
 Free analytics to track your traffic into your profile and website.
 Transparency to furbished contact details to make real time calls and texts to the prospective candidates and universities.
 Additional offers for the agent FAM trips along with the other benefits. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd