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Better Focus on Student Satisfaction, Comfort and Ease of Responsibilities

UAN with a back up of more than a decade long experience in student recruitment services, around the world, has used its sheer knowledge and expertise in streamlining the application, Agent Business Centre for impeccable agent services. This ensures that our agents are always at ease, when it comes to the tormenting pain of application processing, student screening and forwarding the same to relevant educators. UAN acts as a virtual platform for the agents that shares accurate information and data's essential to vitalize the agency and become a potential recruitment partner for all the educators. For a better understanding, please take a peek into the agent business centre explainer video.

With ample experience in this industry, we are glad to incorporate this application for agents in such a way that their valuable sales funnel are completely automated and does keep on pumping more business conversions through this system. With the agent business centre, features like systematic alerts, follow ups, interview schedules and online consultations with students, educators and service providers assures a streamlined business model that guarantees standards and proficiency for the agents through UAN.

Apart from the above features that works online, with UAN the agents also gets to be a part of various offline events and promotions for networking with more universities, service providers and students. Such events include FAM trips, agent workshops, road shows and education fairs.

Take the liberty to request for a demo to see through our Agent Business Centre and understand how we can serve you with a fruitful platform to manage your operations from marketing, promotion to recruitment and even managing your branches. With a fail proof application like UAN, we can guarantee that your business conversion rates will sky rocket in no time.

Features & Benefits

Enables agents to apply on behalf of students with various educators.
The application allows its consultants to work through their independent accounts.
Remuneration and rewards can be availed through UAN.
Complete transparency in all its process.
Gives an opportunity for its agents to empanel with unlimited number of universities.
Agent Business Centre gives the consultants an opportunity to build their online reputation and expand their business through various deals.
The application facilitates the agents to choose the best in class colleges and universities.
Student quality and qualification is not a factor the agents have to be worried about while using Agent Business Centre.
As a certified agent with UAN, the system enables you to enjoy exclusive services and accessibility to educators and events convened often for business services.

Become a certified agent with UAN

With UAN Certification process, we ensure that the agent are closely trained through our valid and relevant workshops, proficiency programs and ensures that you are very well equipped to handle the relevant recruitment scenarios. Besides, we guarantee a repute that spreads your services with educators, students and service providers with prime importance and recognition of your standards that gives you an edge over the competition.

Apply for Certification Be a UAN Agent

How does UAN Certification helps agents.

Life long Validity
Unlimited verified student enquiries
Listing in
Prominence among top 8000 exclusive Universities across the globe
Promotion of agent services and brand with UAN portal
Priority invitation to UAN events and sponsorships
Ease of student referrals without contracts to all the listed universities and opportunity to earn more commissions without delays
Special discounts on FAM trips, workshops, road show, fairs and any other campaigning activities with universities
Social media promotion of the agency along with content marketing activities of UAN
Banner advertisements and pop up.
Consultation with UAN service providers for free. (Ticketing agencies, immigration consultants, visa processing etc)
Agent promotions through featured monthly and weekly newsletters targeted at students, educators and service providers

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