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With UAN we want to make things easier to comprehend and clear to our audience in every step. So we would like to play a small explainer clip showcasing the functionalities of UAN. It clearly depicts how we help our patrons to expand their profitability and our students by making the best career choices in the world through their academics.

Please take a peek into our educator explainer video to understand how we serve you better.

Marketing, Promotion and Sales


Reaching out to the world has been always a daunting task, no matter what the business is; it takes years and hidden expenses to make a mark globally in terms of marketing, branding, sales and promotions. With UAN, educators can be promoted, exploited and enhanced with more business opportunities via UAN certified agents and a mix of other online and offline solutions.


A custom promotional campaign in the portal allows your products and services to be pitched among the certified agent networks and students spread across the globe. This gives the registered educators with UAN, a scope for personalizing their marketing effort to make a massive impact on the targeted agent networks and students.


A detailed analytics helping our patrons to predict their business and network better. Know what works and what doesn't. Maneuver your agent and institutional resources by allocating the best in class products. A one stop solution to manage your network and education services


We promote your education services through UAN social media campaigns, newsletters, featured ads and various offline events. We ensure a complete tracking to assure that your services stays on top.

Technical Work House

Automated Work Engine

UAN facilitates its patrons with customizable solutions to automate end to end student recruitment process from contracting to enrollments. The university Business Centre with UAN ensures efficient operations to ensure quality in every step delivered.

Customize to the Core

UAN allows the educators to enjoy vast degree of customization by enabling their users to get personalized, transparent and flexible services matching the essential requirements. This will help the educators to virtually follow their own methodology, ethics and practices that have been in place for a while.

Live management solution

With UAN, we provide live tracking and updates, video conferencing, course comparisons, management solutions for counselors, agents, students and service providers. We enable our patrons to be well updated and knowledgeable with all realms of education services for their business prospects on a live note.

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Security and Protection

Complete Transparency

We ensure that all our patrons are transparent with their services to each other. We, at UAN, enable our clients to work in a scam free environment through various verification, certification, training and proficiency programs for agents. This enables us to maintain healthy relations between the educators, agents and students.

Competent Agent Resources

UAN allows the educators to access a list of more than 8000 agents, at present and select the best, suitable and verified one's that perfectly matches their competency mapping. It helps in keeping track of all the communications made between the agents, students and service providers during the business process.

Patron Profiling

With UAN, we enable our educators to benefit with accuracy, quality information's and quick application processing. The various test modules, certification processing and proficiency enrichment programs at UAN, helps our patrons to deliver education and business services with quality, consistency and diligence.

Documentation and Processing

With UAN, we ensure that there is a freedom of choice, perspective and business services. For the same we back up your services with a virtual paper trail of all the activities carried out during the actual business processing. This enables our educators to understand where they stand and make the next smart move. UAN allows the institution to track all the documentation activities of the students. This enables the educators to understand the student admission processing status quo and put in the essential follow ups or feedbacks that helps them to move without any hindrance in the admission and processing activities.

Own your Targets

  • Assured business conversions

    UAN assures all our educators with a high degree of fail proof automation, delivering nothing but business, with precision. The filters installed into UAN applications, enable our patrons to enjoy satisfaction in all its services that projects nothing but business conversions in the desired time.

  • Individual unit care and assistance

    UAN provide personalized services that can help our universal partners to set up their admission offices or branches anywhere across the globe, at their own comfort and affordability. We also contract a personal manager and other essential resources on request and monitor them for effective deliveries and performances.

  • Work Specialization

    UAN, with its business automation services, enables the patrons to focus completely into the core features of their business services. With this the educators can focus more into their course syllabus, curriculum and ensure that they are highly rated among the students, agents and other target audience across the globe.

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