Services For Students

Imagine a student platform that serves the details of the essential international universities in a huge platter, which can be selected based on the different criteria's student want to pursue. This is where UAN comes in handy. A network of universities ranging more than 15000 bodies and specialized agent networks of more than 20,000 units working from virtual locations or a premise near you to serve you with any relevant international education service you want to pursue. Graduation courses, higher education, internships, post graduation and what not. Everything as a student you can ever ask for. The best countries and the top brass education you need to make your career fly high.

At UAN we engage you with the essential newsletters and an expert advice of our qualified and featured consultants.UAN also provide you with the essential mentoring services to ensure that you are tagged with a featured consultant and your goals are met in adherence to your career aspirations. This also gives the students a better sense of direction with their education.


Just like any other recruitment portal, UAN defines its priorities for students to serve them better at each level. It takes out the system where you have to go out and meet a consultant in your current location and advance them with the essential sum and wait for their reply or call with the updates on admission or further processing. Here the students will always be transparent with the application processing, right from the moment they contracts with an agent online and transfers all the processing fees or the tuition fees for an admission. Their status quo will be updated on a day to day basis with emails and an account notification on where exactly is your admission process at. Besides, the students can look up for any sort of help with the UAN student relations department any time round the clock. You can either call them up or instigate a live chat with them for any updates you need with relevance to your application or for scheduling counseling or mentoring session with any of the featured agents with UAN.

The information pool with UAN for students can range from global education opportunities in top universities, along with scholarship details, placement options, summer internship options and a lot more than what you can expect. The newsletters with UAN will be ringing all the updates and essentials you need to understand with the global education trends, updates on what exactly is in demand and tips to shape a better future with the best you can have.

With UAN the student's physical presence for a test is not essential for processing his or her application. As a student if you feel that you meet the essential criteria to apply for a course with a university, all you have to do is just register with UAN, showing your interest with a university and soon enough our agents or advisors will schedule a Skype session with you and do the same with the university authorities for a direct interview. All the other essential proficiency and skill tests to prove your qualification will be done online via UAN portal.

Being a registered student with UAN , you will also have the opportunity to talk to various alumni's or student council members or the key personnel's with the universities to get a clear picture on what to expect and what not to expect while selecting a particular university or education institution or a course with them. This way there is no margin of errors and it proves to be another scale to show the level of transparency UAN can provide.


Besides being a complete online solution for students to select from the list of more than 15000 universities, colleges and language schools, UAN is also empanelled with the relevant service providers who will ensure that your travel process and all the arrangements for your university accommodations are sort out on a comfortable note. This ensures that the student doesn't feel lost in the middle of our services. The students will also be equipped with the best possible after sales services like internship options, higher studies options, placements etc to help them be the best in our watch. These are the true value additions UAN intends to serve its students along with providing a flawless service.

The entire consultant who works with the students, are free of cost. But please go through the agent agreement details, if any. UAN always certifies their agents but it doesn't mean that we completely own or endorse them.

Features & Benefits

Apply to universities or colleges globally, directly or via consultants.
Wide range of options for the universities, colleges and language schools with a number of filters to tune in for a perfect choice.
Free mentoring and expert advice on career development.
International internships, projects, summer schools and work opportunities.
Better information from agents as they might have already visited the universities the candidates are scouting for.
Live tracking of their application process
Complete transparency between the university, agents and students
UAN provides a platform which is much cheaper than any other global recruitment solutions available in the recruitment industry.
A complete package of services right from visa processing to accommodation and other after sales services is made available to our students to ensure that they never get lost under our watch.
Under privileged students if qualified for a course with some university, will be assisted with essential funding for their tuition with scholarship options. They will also be assisted in finding the best part time job options and other resources while pursuing their course.


With education, UAN believes that the human life can be transcended into growth and wellness. But we want to use UAN as a platform to give our valuable patrons a time travelling experience across the future, to stride faster towards a global career. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd